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Clare realizes that the box grants wishes, but does not understand that her wishes come with consequences.

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Clare makes a second wish that a popular boy named Paul falls in love with her. As a result, her wealthy uncle dies. Upon hearing the news of his death, Clare then wishes she will be in the will. The relative leaves everything to Clare.


Consequently Mrs. Deluca, a friendly neighbor, suffers a fatal accident. Clare enlists the help of her classmate Ryan Hui to decipher the symbols.

A relative of Ryan named Gina helps discover the meaning of the symbols grants seven wishes with consequences. Clare's fourth wish is for her father to stop being a dumpster diver and he immediately has a personality shift. Soon after, Gina deciphers the meaning of the phrase which says "When the music ends, the blood price is paid. Ryan finds Gina's body and confronts Clare about making wishes on the music box, which she denies.

Clare makes a fifth wish that she is popular, but Clare is soon unhappy with the consequent attention and that she loses her relationship with her friends. As a consequence of the wish, Meredith gets stuck in an elevator and, when the cable snaps, falls to her death.

Ryan reveals that after the seventh wish is granted, the music box will claim the soul of the owner. Attempts to destroy the box are unsuccessful. Furthermore, because June has stolen the box, Clare loses her popularity and everything else she wished for. Clare recovers the box and her sixth wish is that her mother never committed suicide. Clare's mom knocks on her bedroom door along with two younger sisters. Clare later rummages through her mom's paintings and sees a picture of the music box.

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She concludes that her mom was one of the previous owners of the music box and that it must have led to her original suicide. When Clare realizes her dad pays the price for the sixth wish, Clare's seventh wish is to go back to the day her father found the box, erasing all that has happened. This allows her to find the box before her dad does, she then asks Ryan to bury the box. Make a donation. Get involved. Events Fundraise in your community Register your fundraising Fundraising ideas Get more from your event Meet your Regional Fundraising Manager How your money helps Volunteer Volunteer opportunities Information for volunteers Meet our volunteers Corporate partnerships.

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Wish Anticipation This can be as powerful as the wish itself. Dating Ms. Dear Elizabeth, Ten months ago, I was driving through a parking garage in Athens, Georgia on a call with my father. Bryan Wish. Humans are competitive. We compete all the time.

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In sports, in games, at work, in significant others, in our ideas, beliefs, passions, in our companies and organizations, in our governments, for our countries, our economies, in our achievements, and in many more simple ways throughout our everyday lives. Is it really beneficial?

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If so, when? Erik Krumins. In life, we often seek this state of enormous glory. What we often miss is that there is glory in each and every little thing. The car we ride in, the people we meet, and even the fly that buzzes around constantly, all give us that glorious life.

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