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Dig for the concrete and specific, details that appeal to the senses. Pay attention to names. Interesting names attract the writer—and the reader. Seek original images.

Riff on the creative language of others. Make word lists, free-associate, be surprised by language. Set the pace with sentence length. Vary the lengths of paragraphs. Choose the number of elements with a purpose in mind. One, two, three, or four: Each sends a secret message to the reader. Know when to back off and when to show off. When the topic is most serious, understate; when least serious, exaggerate. Climb up and down the ladder of abstraction.

Reader Interactions

Learn when to show, when to tell, and when to do both. Tune your voice. Read drafts aloud. Blueprints Work from a plan. Index the big parts of your work. Learn the difference between reports and stories. Use one to render information, the other to render experience.

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Use dialogue as a form of action. Dialogue advances narrative; quotes delay it.

Reveal traits of character. Show characteristics through scenes, details, and dialogue.


Put odd and interesting things next to each other. Help the reader learn from contrast.

Foreshadow dramatic events or powerful conclusions. Plant important clues early. To generate suspense, use internal cliffhangers. To propel readers, make them wait. Build your work around a key question. I think all five of your thoughts are important for pastors to embrace. The problem I have with number 5 is not the content — applying that idea is a great goal — but the assumption that comes across. Your suggestions seem to assume a full-time pastoring position.

How would you tweak this thought for those of us who are bi-vocational. I am doing good to get a message prepped each week while caring for and discipling our small congregation. Any ideas for how to adjust in light of working two jobs? It has to do with witness and connection — connection to God and one another. Most of what we hear and do in church can be done at home possibly by better preachers, even! Is it necessary? I believe it is when we gather together for worship, the God who is always with us is especially present not like God is otherwise absent when we expect to encounter God.

God is speaking when we listen, and often we need special places and times to listen. So a lot of worship involves the congregation itself, not simply the preacher. Second, while less and less of our society gather for worship, those who do are noticed. It becomes a form of witness. Sermons can be heard online, so if we think people are coming simply to hear a sermon, they will more likely listen to one on the Internet.

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5 Preaching Trends That Will Shape The Future -

That is if you want to reach unchurched people. If God so loved the world, why do so many preachers behave like he hates it? They want open, honest dialogue, and nuanced thinking. What it does mean is that when you speak, far more people listen. Your anger isn't attracting unchurched people, it's repulsing them. Click To Tweet 2.

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Not Sticking to Christian Things Mark As preachers, we are Christians we hope , which means we swim in theology, Christian worldviews, actions, lifestyles, politics, etc. We should constantly be flowing back and forth in our sermons between a Equipping the saints on the one hand and not just with conclusions, but taking them a bit along the pathway to how we go there biblically. In other words, teaching them not just what to think but how to think , and b Speaking to the non-Christian, which means engaging their questions, and worldviews at an informed level and in a winsome and persuasive way I know preacher that sounds like a lot of work, and reading and research!

Preachers, people want to know what the Bible says about a thing, even more than what you say about that thing. The End of Easy Answers Carey Decades ago, the local preacher was essentially the source for everything about the scriptures, Christianity and faith. That meant that what a preacher said carried a lot of weight, and people by default accepted it.

3 strategies for preaching on holidays

For too long, preachers got away with easy answers. Fast forward today, and it could hardly be more different. We live in an age of opinions that are strongly held and weakly formed. The future belongs to preachers who exegete the culture and the audience as well as they exegete the text. Click To Tweet 4. Sunday morning as a launch point, not just a destination Carey For millennia now, the church has gathered on Sundays. And that involves the sermon. Limited format. A sermon is a monologue and rarely more. But in an age where anything is possible, is it still the best way or the only way?

In the age of smartphones, most church leaders are still rocking a cassette-ministry approach to sharing the message. Click To Tweet In the future, content should be repackaged in smaller slices and made accessible and easily sharable via social media and YouTube.

You could: Do a longer-form interview that constitutes a deep-dive into the subject. Post some thoughts on IGTV or other social channels.