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Two races have the most likely prospects of giving a positive answer to this question. Altschuler vs. Bishop in New York and Frankel vs. Hasner in Florida.

Both races have special Jewish significance. Frankel vs. Hasner is also interesting for another reason — it is one of two races in which both candidates are Jewish. One will have to wait a little longer to get the outcome for this one. Our Senate Jewish Projection is not as dramatic as the House projection. American Israelis are going to vote more for Romney and less for Obama, for sure.

But the breakdown of the numbers is still interesting, and even more so will be the breakdown of the numbers by states. It will be especially interesting if Obama gets a second term. As you can see in our newly created Israeli Opinion on Obama tracker we will change it to a Romney tracker should he win , the numbers for the president are very low in Israel.

Things to watch on election night: A Jewish Voter’s Guide

I wonder whether this will change if Obama is reelected, just because it might mean Israelis realize that they are stuck with him and better get used to him. With the former, keeping a straight face while he pretends magnanimity; with the latter, keeping a straight face when what he really wants to do is give Obama the finger.

David Suissa , Nov. Tabby Refael , Nov. If you view the religious practices of Orthodox Jews as over the top, you might want to skip to another column. Come to think of Larry Greenfield , Nov.

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As written by Finley Peter Dunne in , fictional philosopher Mr. Pat Kramer , Nov. In , a friend recounted to me the story of her recent journey to Europe where she met, for the first time, relatives left behind Danny Lobell , Nov. I love Sukkot. Karen Lehrman Bloch , Nov.

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Adolf Hitler has just declared martial law, and political activism has become a crime. Karl Frick, a young Gestapo officer, gets promoted Henry Platt , Nov. I have just been uprooted from my 18 years of comfortable living in an Dina Leeds , Nov. October was a month filled with holiday festivities, meals, friends, gatherings and prayers — everything important in an active Jewish life.

But after the month Randol Schoenberg , Nov. For my presentation at the next Jewish genealogy conference scheduled for August in San Diego, I decided to be optimistically ambitious. Using original sources, Natalie Solomon , Nov. A devout Muslim who came to Israel Shmuel Rosner , Nov. Is President Donald Trump good for Israel? The Ten Commandments are not distinctly Christian or Jewish.

They are values for a free people that can be embraced by any person of faith. And even if you are agnostic, you can see their value for society. It doing so, you also curse your own origins. They want you to thrive. They are not perfect, but they are on your side, and you can save a lot of years of unnecessary mistakes if you take their short cuts. Gather with others to build each other up.

If we have sex with whom we are not married, especially if married and cheating with others who may also be married , we undermine the family which creates poverty and crime. We all have a right to keep the fruit of our labor. Never steal. Even the smallest of things. Disputes are inevitable. If we tell the truth there in court, the society will never have to become a police state. This coveting is the root of all kinds of mischief.

Help your neighbor to keep what he or she has earned by watching out for your neighbor. This is a blueprint for a free society. Both demonstrate a level of understanding of foreign issues and the priority they require as pertaining to the overall well-being of the United States.

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And both are committed family men who provide a model of consistency in the area that matters most. I would have picked Rick Santorum on social issues and Ron Paul on free market economics. But there is Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and there is no door number three. But here in , a new voice has emerged bringing a unique blend of corporate as well as political know-how. She entered the corporate world as an efficiency and cost-cutting expert for IBM. Diane Feinstein has been in elected office for decades.

Do you think our country is in great shape? Well, if not, she and her generation of politicians have to take some responsibility for the mess we are in. She knows the state well. If she had more money, she would win easily.

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  4. But smart voters can put her in office without a single dime being spent. Time for fresh wind and fresh fire representing us in Washington. Why would you NOT vote for her? Unless you want more of the same. State-funded programs are suffering due to rising costs and declining revenues. Guarantee Local Public Safety. We have a spending problem. And the tax would burden the job creators those with capital to get the economy going more than others.

    The last thing we need is more taxes, especially in this environment. Voting no will force Sacramento to work on the real problem. Mandatory performance reviews of all state programs?

    White evangelicals, Catholics and Mormons carried Trump - Religion News Service

    Give counties more say-so in how money is spent? All of those sound like good ideas. All told, Proposition 31 will hurt more than it could ever help. Looks like a follow the money deal. Perhaps they mean well. I spent too much time trying to put a finger on their motive and gave up. This is just more regulation. Well meaning regulation creates just as much red tape as malicious regulation. We need to decrease the size of government and take away most of its tasks, returning them to the people.

    Shrink government and slash regulation. This does neither. No one can argue with that. Romney: A Voter's Guide.


    Bill Clinton, up until today, according to several polls, is considered by Israelis to be the most friendly US president ever towards Israel," Rosner said. The survey included Arab-Israelis and found the percentage who favor Trump is much lower than among Jewish Israelis. A report this week by the Anti-Defamation League also found nearly 20, anti-Semitic tweets have been directed at more than journalists since the campaign began, often because those journalists voiced critical opinions about Trump.