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Through its portfolio of CO2-derived solid nanoparticles, CUT has technically validated its solutions for use in the plastics, coatings, epoxy, adhesives, concrete, lithium-ion battery, and pharmaceutical industries. Fractal is advancing the development of the 50, bpd Enhanced JetShear Regional Hub project at Hardisty, Alberta in conjunction with producer and midstream partners. Interface Fluidics is a Calgary-based, tech-enabled oilfield laboratory service company. Our proprietary nanotechnology platform helps customers optimize oil production, and visualize fluid interactions, through rapid chemical testing at reservoir temperature and pressure.

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Osprey helps industrial companies mitigate operational cost and risks through intelligent visual monitoring. With Osprey Reach, customers are able to increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve health, safety and environmental HSE outcomes with safety monitoring and automated leak detection, and strengthen security through proactive activity detection and alerting.

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Osprey Reach is a massively scalable cloud platform that is optimized for remote sites. It cost-effectively manages visual sensors at scale, analyzes the massive volumes of visual data with artificial intelligence computer vision and input from other systems, and distributes personalized, actionable information to end users.

Spiders from Space by Stan Cullimore (Paperback, 2012)

ReWatt Power makes energy and energy related transactions easy, using a meter-to-cash approach to significantly decreasing the cost per transaction by up to half through data capture automation, machine learning validation, and distributed ledger based settlements. Checkout My Account Cart. Home 6th Annual Ignite Talks — Resilience. Category: Events Tag: Events. Startup Showcase We are thrilled to announce for the first time: the Startup Showcase!

Space - Neighbourhood - [OFFICIAL]

Jenny Langer Alan Hale, Jr. Retrieved January 17, Turner Classic Movies. Retrieved January 23, Famous Monsters of Filmland.

source August January 5, Bloody Disgusting. Retrieved January 20, Dread Central.

Retrieved January 18, Duluth News Tribune. Retrieved January 19, Ain't It Cool News. Retrieved January 21, Maltin, Leonard Weldon, Michael The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film. Plexus Publishing. Wilson, John Grand Central Publishing. VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever. Visible Ink Press. Rush teamed up with Bert Cole and other sculptors, architects, and engineers to create "sculptures that were also structures in which events could be held around it.

One day, they headed to a scrap yard to collect the raw material for what would be the first embodiment of their crazy dreams. As their projects evolved, Rush says, they "became more confident in the scale of the scrap metal [they] were pulling out of scrap yards. We wanted to start using the space above people a lot more. Old fishing boat cranes stretched out to become its legs.

As the creature grew, so did Arcadia's team.

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They brought puppeteers, aerialists, and pyrotechnicians onboard. For Ultra , they're flying 60 crew members to Miami to help with setup and maintenance. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! The colossal Spider, which also shoots lasers and fireworks, may look unsteady, but Pip assures us the structure adheres to British health and safety standards, which he calls some of the world's most rigid. He insists no shortage of structural calculations went into keeping the contraption upright.

In fact, he says, it can withstand suspending another ten tons. The Spider will also take part in a minute show that sees aerial acrobats navigate around foot fireballs and a massive crowd.