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So pleased to have found something new to bring some positivity especially when motivation is low. It is important to analyze the things that make us happy and that are positive to apply them in our lives.

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Anon what do I do if I have already done it a few times when there was nothing wrong going on but I found something just to do the excercise? Which has caused me to hate live and become terrified of everything. Is there a way to get rid or take back the things that I said frustrated me? By changing this somehow? Fuj Don't do this activity everyday.

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Only use it if something negative happens that you find yourself dwelling on. Think of it this way: you only need to "find the silver lining" when dealing with something negative, but you don't need to "find something negative" just to complete the exercise. Alittle ironically this has turned me into a pessimist who does not see any brightness in her future.

Searching For A Silver Lining

It constantly revolves around the idea that everyday there will be something bad or frustrating in your day which is not often the case unless you go looking for it. It has made me more resentful and distraught. This excercise has ruined my life completely. I am no longer a happy person but one that worries about every little detail of everyday. Do not do this excercise because you will regret it.

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  • If anyone has an suggestions on how to modify this excercise so it does not bring ruin to your life let me know. This exercise helps to reassess our actions earlier in a situation and how to improve upon what did not work and to reconfirm and repeat what did work. It ensures we improve our time and relationships. I loved the idea of opening up the exercise with a positive memory or influence. So often we start seen things from a negative perspective and it can make things harder. I used a similar exercise in my workshops. Thanks for sharing it! I have used this activity to critique not criticize!

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    It's important to me to have more awareness of how easily I let negative thoughts take over my mood. I certainly have a tendency to show my emotions with a "resting bitch face" at times. Not an attractive or happy way to be, and it certainly can cause me to isolate far too much. I am discovering that "little" things seem to irritate me; however, the "little" irritations that I am dealing with are big things because disrespect, and inconsideration are the bottom line of what and why I feel that way.

    How do I change feeling that way when I seem to not be able to think differently? I tend to be the "Pollyanna" in the group and oftentimes get laughed at for my positive attitude.

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    I can only smile and think it is to my benefit that I can be positive while they find new and creative ways to complain and be negative. This is a simple, yet very effective, exercise for practicing your perspective-taking. I highly recommend it! It is so easy to focus on the negative of the moment and bypass the smaller things or even the bigger picture.

    We are dealing with a brutal situation at work. While I can not stop the outcome, I can still feel proud of the ability to identify the problem and anticipate the outcome. It minimally validates my professional role in the situation. So often I find that I get bogged down with frustrations at work.

    This exercise is helping me to remember that there are also successes at work. A defining exercise for me.

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    • The research pertaining to the lack of empathy in the US is very evident among teens. Disconnection and fear is increasing, which, I believe social media has played a large part. Communication lacks intonation, thus causing possible misunderstanding within texted messaging. Children's nervous systems are not developed enough to interpret rational emotions when determining the intention of the typed words vs verbal, and thus possibly misinterpreted.

      This exercise really helped me look at the bright side of a current frustrating situation. I want to practice it more often. Thank you! Great happiness tool!

      Sometimes we cannot see the proof of the silver lining until later in our day-to-day lives. This is so simple, but so useful. The only reason I'm not giving it a five star rating is because I want to practice a little and see if it has lasting effects:. By searching for any positive effects of any difficulty or confusing circumstance, we can begin to feel more inner peace in response to the situation, thus regaining our ability to solve it if we can, or accept it if we can't. I was so distraught that the cyclone had ripped apart our house, and destroyed everything I owned, that I became morose and helpless, unable to do anything.

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      But I noticed that the entire neighborhood were all helping each other, talking to each other cheerfully, sympathetically, showing kindnesses and support in a way they never had before, and I began to recognize that there was a silver lining even in this disaster! Listen to the great words of Brendon Uire form the band Panic! Brendon : fuck a silver lining!!!

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