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Testing these on that second page is a good start to using both of them well. A lot of the things I've done with Graphitints wind up having an eerie feeling, something that I've considered playing off of by sketching supernatural subjects with them. They have a strong value range so they're great for tonal sketching. Jackie - Great sketchbook - i like your flower right in the beginning and the little girl with the bears - stunning!!

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The graphitint's look nice too - don't have those yet I haven't got any graphitints though I have used them - my students have this unnerving habit of bringing new equipment in and asking me to demo them! I get a similar moody effect with charcoal drawings with coloured pencil over the top - it has a very similar effect to the one Robert describes. There's one on my Canson book thread I like my Inktense and combine them with other media - I've only got a few. I find they do lift a little later but not enough to erase. Keys like that are interesting to draw - and I really like feathers too.

Love the keys. The gel pens are primarily marketed to the young for journal writing and drawing. It's a great idea to get the younger set journaling. Great idea to test the inktense and graphitints. I use Inktense pencils a lot for sketches in the Scavenger Hunt and I love them.

They are acrylic ink in pencil form and when washed with water and dried they're there forever. But can be used on heaps of different surfaces etc. I did use them for a larger painting and found them too time consuming used that way but for smaller drawings and sketching they are excellent. Experiment with them as you've done with other mediums here in your journal - which is excellent!

I wanted to experiment further with the inktense and graphitints. I have long been a fan of calligraphy and haven't done any for quite some time, but I continue to love the shapes of different letters and fonts. Next is a very quick 10 min sketch from a photo. I was holding our bunny Harry for a photograph long story for another time! I am quite new to pen and wash techniques hence the need for this experimental sketchbook but I like this concept and might see how Harry can be devloped into a composition at some stage.

Thanks for looking :thumbsup:.

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  • Great seeing your experiments in lettering. Harry with wings is a wonderful juxtaposition. Jackie I really like your keys and A's. What an wonderful image of Harry with wings.

    I did say earlier that I was a pencil addict :evil:. I will add to that by saying that maybe I should take shares out in the Derwent company :lol: I decided to play some more with the inktense, graphitint adding watercolour pencils and colour pencils into the mix when it dawned on me I have Aquatones too! So they got added in also. I made lots of notes this time, I don't know if you can read them all but generally they are just to remind me of what I used and what order. I can't help myself, it is like being a kid in a sweet shop again :D. Hi Tania, thanks for your kind words, I looked at font sites for ideas and just scribbled them down freehand in pen.

    I was looking for some nice shapes to try the various pencils out with! Here is another quick sketch of Harry, I am starting to really like the graphitints for the subtle colour. If they look good on cheap paper, they may look even better on watercolour paper The yellowish colour near his ears is much more subdued in real life! Jackie - Harry is my new favorite pet Good work with these Graphitints - i'm so tempted to buy some Great pages for the keys and the "A's" and "Z's".


    And that last sketch of Harry is wonderful! Excellent sketches!!!! I love the sketches and your notes to go along with them. Harry came out wonderful and I loved the flowers and cupid too. Great paintings of Harry. You've got wonderful volume in them, good fur texture, excellent accuracy. Looks like you're on your way to knowing Harry the way I know Ari from sketching him that often. It's great.

    The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. by Washington Irving

    Good calligraphy too on your A and Z pages. The cool thing about art supplies vs. Just wind up drawing and painting more! I like your page of A's and of course Harry is beautiful! I'm also a fan of different art materials so I'm loving your sketchbook. Can't wait to see more.

    Dragon Dreams

    Looks like you are having so much fun! Great page of notes and Z's. Harry looks so soft. Thanks all. We've had Harry for quite a few years now but never really tried to use him as a model! He is a funny little critter, his fur is very soft and changes from mostly white to white with warm grey patches in winter, loves munching my plants and fruit bread if he hears the bread bag rustle he becomes a white "Flash" , and is hilarious to watch playing with my son's soccer ball.

    He is a very easy to look after pet. Robert, the other cool thing about art supplies is while I am using them I temporarily forget about munchies - I can lose a good few hours without realising it once I get into something creative. So, good for the figure all round I reckon lol! Your Ari sketches are what prompted me to start sketching Harry, I am so impressed by how you "know" Ari so well that you can do your quick sketches and nail it :. The purpose of this little sketchbook was to explore pen and ink combined with other media. I've seen some great sketches in ordinary ball point pen and as there are no long term archival needs for this book I thought I'd like to have a play.

    Once again, I find the scanned version more scary than the real life - it really picks certain areas out that don't stand out so much to the naked eye :eek:. Those are very evocative. The montage from Alice in Wonderland is scary, it's well laid out and very dramatic. Looks like the sort of thing that could go on a DVD cover or movie poster, well done! Wonderful stuff you are getting. Yup, scary. Glad I don't have to meet some of them at night.

    LOL Very well done. The other page is so good as well - you've done the hair so nicely - just shows you that if you're a great artist which you are then you can draw with ANYTHING!!! Oh he's lovely and the way you captured him in the graphitints is wonderful!

    I love everything you've done in this book so far and always enjoy seeing your lovely ladies Can't wait to see more! Harry is a cutie:lol: I am still on the ball point pen at the moment - experimenting with the inktense pencils and ball point was fun. Went yesterday to the art shop and was so tempted to buy graphitints, but i resisted - maybe at the end of the month or so But these sketches of your shoes is fabulous, i love those two heals that are back to back - stunning as well as the colourful boot!!! Now we're talkin'!!! Love the flowery "wellies" and the red shoe, it reminds me of one of my dance shoes!

    Great pages! Jackie, your shoe pages are well drawn and well composed.

    Creating a Faery Figure

    I like the balance of color in the page as a whole and the accurate rendering of every shoe. They look like sketches from a fashion illustrator, seriously. I got to thinking that I got so excited about experimenting with the inktense and graphitints that I forgot all about the Stabilo colour pens that I was having trouble working out how to use :eek: So this update has ballpoint pen with limited colours of Faber Castell watercolour pencils watchfaces and the page of hearts is black ballpoint with Stabilo and uniball Signo gold and silver pens.

    All from internet, drawn directly in pen. Jackie another great page. I love watch faces and you have a fantastic collection here.

    Small Halloween Card Sketchbook

    Great "old" feel to the page. Great pen work on the hearts too, that scottish heart is stunning. These a great sketch pages Jacqui, the ballpoint work on the shoes and boots page is so good, and these two new pages are fantastic. The jewellry and trinkets page is my fave, so rich and intriguing with the techniques used with the different pens, but I do like the way you've done the watches page too, with the splattereed wash and 'antique' look.

    Jackie these are awesome! You really are like a long lost twin! I used to work as a jeweler which dealt in antique jewelry and watches, lockets, seal rings, art deco and nuveau, Victorian and elegant Edwardian pieces - SO fascinating! These two pages just evoke those old nostalgic times and I can completely understand how they appeal to you!

    That Scottish heart is a beauty!