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It seemed to me, that while people are rightly concerned about things like climate change, depletion of ocean habitats, the destruction of the rain forest, giant islands of plastic garbage, etc.

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So how do you write an optimistic book for kids growing up in such a world? I needed to find an answer if I was to continue to write, and my answer to myself was that I still believed in the individual kids. And even though there are more than seven billion of us now, each individual child is made up of the same stuff as Plato, or Einstein, or Tolstoy, or whomever it is you most admire.

That was how I approached the creation of my new book which eventually became Fuzzy Mud. Tamaya, the heroine of the novel, goes to a private school, where, in fact, virtue is taught, although nobody but her takes the subject very seriously. Tamaya tries to be virtuous.

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This is just a very small aspect of the story, and may go unnoticed by a majority of readers, but it was very important to me. You can be a part of the fun and become a valuable contributor by signing up as a member of MUD literary Club.

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For details, contact the club co-ordinator at infor mudliteraryclub. Incredibly, MUD is the only philanthropic group of this type in the nation, and is therefore greatly valued by authors, along with the wider literary, publishing and artistic communities, for providing such valuable funds. It now stands as one of the most important literary awards for new writers in the country.

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Membership is the cornerstone of MUD and the lifeblood of its ongoing annual contributions to both literary festivals. The response from writers who have appeared at these events and engaged with MUD members has been overwhelming, becoming beloved MudMates. The decision to incorporate as an association rather than attain tax-deductible DGR status was to avoid costly administrative requirements.

The association will be operated on a lean, mean, tree-saving basis, with minimal administration and low-cost, environmentally acceptable communication methods. The philosophy behind the prize is an acknowledgement that while literary fiction plays a vital role in the cultural life of Australia, and internationally, it rarely offers writers a living wage. The prize acknowledges that most writers need funds to make it possible to write. The prize is one that the writer may spend as they see fit — to live, to travel, to explore and be inspired by new ideas.

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These esteemed authors have been sponsored and presented by MUD Literary Club at literary festivals and events. Acknowledging their gratitude of our support, we now like to term these writers as MUDmates. As the inspirational creator of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Janet is one of the most influential and high profile Australians living in Bali.

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She is also amongst the busiest, running the famous Casa Luna restaurant and cookery school, and writing three charismatic food books laced with memoir. A former Rhodes Scholar, his novels are intense, complicated and highly skilled in literary technique — a style compared to such giants as Melville and Dickens. He has also written stinging articles on environmental and political concerns that have had telling ramifications in his beloved home of Tasmania.

Her pen touches a wide array of subjects, from literary criticism, to transcripts of her interviews with famous authors, to Jewish recipe books.

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With a background in environmental politics, Ruby now writes regularly for Australian magazines, newspapers, journals and anthologies. Running Dogs, her first novel, is set amidst the tumult of Jakarta — drawn from her experience working in the Indonesian capital as an aid worker. The appearance of such an important regional political figure at UWRF in was a coup for the literary festival — and MUD was proud to fund this dynamic and inspirational speaker. For MUD members, he graced our table and conversed all night at the special members-only dinner during the festival.