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If the public wanted him to play that guy for the rest of his life, he was fine with it. If you're interested in contributing to Notebook send us a sample of your work. For all other enquiries, contact Daniel Kasman. Notebook News. Falk shows up playing himself listed in the credits, quite wonderfully, as "Der Filmstar".

Peter Falk, Interview Magazine March Cover Photo - Czech Republic

He's there to express the belief of the director, Wim Wenders, that movie stars are a kind of angel, too, in their very different way bringing hope and solace to millions. There's a scene in the movie where Falk is standing by a lunch wagon and talking to Bruno Ganz 's angel. Falk can't see Ganz, but he knows he's there.

Ganz is shocked that Falk has this knowledge, and it's how we find out that movie stars are angelic, too. Movie stars, in fact, have an advantage over angels: corporeality.

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They can experience the same sorts of mundane things that those of us in the audience can — and that angels cannot. Falk, in his trademark gravelly-amiable way, is trying to express this to Ganz. It's as wonderful a moment as there's ever been in a movie. Yes, as we wish.

Peter Falk, 1927 - 2011

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Every wacky impulse Columbo ever had came straight from Peter Falk.

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Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, and Ben Gazzara Run Riot - The Dick Cavett Show

The part was originally written for Big Crosby, but when he decided not to break his retirement Mr. Falk was given the role. He played the character for more than 30 years, first appearing as the cigar-chomping detective in Falk won four Emmys for his work on the series but he also enjoyed success in films.

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Falk had lost an eye due to childhood cancer but always refused let this affect his acting career. His health had failed in recent years and he had been suffering from dementia for some time. Among the many tributes to be paid to the actor was one from William Link who created the Columbo character.