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As before, my favorite aspect of this book was Robie's interactions with Julie.

Julie helps Robie remember what it's like to be human and to reconnect to people. In some ways she saves him as much as he saves her. I bumped this up to 5 stars. Will Robie has already been added to my list of kickbutt artists. Robie kills people for a living on behalf of the US government.

He has to flee the scene to stay alive, and ends up on a bus out of DC with another runaway, a young girl named Julie. When he observes that someone is trying to kill her, he takes out the assailant and gets Julie off the bus, seconds before it explodes. Normally Robie is a loner, but this time he has to take on a partner, a person to keep safe while he figures out why their paths have crossed and people seem to be gunning for them both. I enjoyed this book a lot. Baldacci develops a story of obvious complexity with great skill. He makes it look simple with his straightforward writing.

However, layers keep getting pulled away to reveal something very multifaceted as the two various characters' lives intersect in a way that seems random initially. I loved the dialogue between Robie and others, particularly Julie. This book had me laughing a lot. A big, tough guy like him finds out just how mouthy a teenage girl can be and they can be very mouthy.

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Although this game they are in is high stakes and playing for keeps. She needs a protector who knows a lot about getting the bad guys dead and keeping alive. I practically devoured it. I would love to read more books about Will Robie, and hopefully Julie will show up as a cameo.

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Definitely recommend this to fans of literary tough guys. Overall rating: 4. View all 10 comments. Mar 25, Jenny Baker rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-thrillers , , audiobooks.

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I loved the audiobook narration! I finally gave in and decided to read one book from each author at the same time. This type of thriller, not so much, but I do crave them sometimes. I get why readers love his novels.

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They're well written, great character development, lots of action, and good pacing. I especially like the character Will Robie. The more I think about it, the more I realize that yes, I will continue this series and read other Baldacci novels…eventually. Jan 28, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: books-read , mystery-suspense-thriller. I enjoy reading books by David Baldacci and have read many of them.

This is the first book in the Will Robie series. It did not start out well. Very short sentences that all started with "He". He this; he that; he did; he didn't. I found myself hoping that this would change and change quickly or I would never be able to finish.

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Fortunately it did and the remainder of the book was an act I enjoy reading books by David Baldacci and have read many of them. Fortunately it did and the remainder of the book was an action packed tale of suspense. Will Robie is an assassin for a clandestine United States government agency. The first couple of chapters are about assignments Robie is on. A drug lord and a Middle East terrorist. The next assignment is not as clear cut and Robie does not follow through. Fleeing the scene he crosses paths with 14 year old Julie Getty who ran away from her foster home only to witness the murder of her parents.

Now they are both on the run and in danger. But who is the target? Robie because he did not carry out his mission? Or Julie who witnessed her parents murder? As the story unfolds it could be either one of them. Or both. Could they be linked? That would be a heck of a coincidence.

The two of them fleeing separate events and are now targets of the same bad guy s. The story is not very believable but it is certainly entertaining and this is fiction and being entertained is what I look for in a story.

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Will Robie starts out as a loner. He is after all an assassin and a loner by nature. Julie Getty may be fourteen but she is very mature and intelligent. There was a scene when Will and Julie first crossed paths that made me laugh. Will was thinking Julie was going to be killed and he would have to step in to prevent that from happening.

No need for the professional. Julie manages quite well As the story unfolds we start seeing a transformation in Will. He bonds with Julie and feels some responsibility for her welfare. He is also attracted to a woman who lives in his apartment building.

Dating is not something is he familiar or comfortable with given his occupation and he has mixed emotions. Overall this an enjoyable story. It did not start out that great but picked up as the story developed and kept you guessing trying to figure out what was happening and who, if anyone, could be trusted. View 1 comment. Dec 15, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: washington-dc , thriller , mystery , fiction , morocco.

This started out as a pretty thrilling and fun ride and promising for my first experience with a Baldacci tale.

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But ultimately the trope of someone trained to be killing machine slowly learning to become more human wore a little thin. That and the somewhat sappy role of a female FBI agent and a scrappy teenage girl in this process leads me to rate it modestly. Right away Baldacci sucked my tense attention in pretty good as we follow CIA agent Will Robie through a series of thrilling a This started out as a pretty thrilling and fun ride and promising for my first experience with a Baldacci tale.

Right away Baldacci sucked my tense attention in pretty good as we follow CIA agent Will Robie through a series of thrilling and crafty assassinations of worthy targets around the world. Back on the home front in D. Soon thereafter he has a close call on an event I will not disclose, in the process saving a 14 year old runaway girl, Julie, who may have been a target. Though the rest of the book, Robie bonds with the smart and brave teen and the lady FBI agent while working to figure out a fiendish conspiracy.

There is a long gap of paranoid ignorance and an accumulating body count before the puzzle is solved near the climactic close. Really liked Will Robie, and I'm looking forward to more adventures with him. This one was heavy on action and some of the plot seemed a little implausible, but entertaining even so.

This narration was different from what I'm used to with some sound effects.

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