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Sometimes it feels like your roads will just end, that you will topple over a cartoonish cliff into a rocky ravine, but you choose to draw a bridge. You choose to stay the course. You choose to smile when you can, share when you feel safe, and cry when you must. You choose to say that your story, too, is significant.

Become a member. Sign in. Get started. For the Record. The world tells women to stay silent about fertility issues. Our silence serves no one. Kristi Pipok Follow. Listen to this story Infertility Pregnancy Miscarriage Personal Essay. Kristi is an English teacher, graduate student, avid reader, budding writer, and eternal optimist. See responses About this Anthology.

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India's private healthcare sector treats patients as revenue generators. BMJ h Sengupta A. Private health sector in India. BMJ —8. Ministry of Health and, Family, Welfare,. Inequity in health care delivery in India: the problem of rural medical practitioners. Health Care Anal.

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Men Ask Questions About Male Factor Infertility

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