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Sharp lines of disapproval were mapped across her face, and the corners of her mouth turned down in a perpetual frown.

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Tall and frail—from the constant fasting she did to prove her discipline as well as her devotion—she looked like a strip of salted herring left to dry in the sun. Jeannie had always hated herring. The woman seemed to take distinct pleasure in questioning—and by implication, criticizing—everything Jeannie did. It was ridiculous. Jeannie was nearly eight and twenty, but standing before the older woman she felt like a recalcitrant bairn. The Marchioness shook her head and tisked in a poor attempt at motherly fondness. Though they'd been beset by cattle reiving since Francis's death—a widow being perceived as an easy target—bride abduction hardly followed.

How could Jeannie have foreseen that her regular morning ride would be seen as an opportunity to claim her wealth and lands by such a barbaric practice? Another score of guardsmen are well within shouting distance.

Highland Warrior, Highland Outlaw, Highland Scoundrel

The loch is barely beyond the castle gate. You need more protection than a simple guardsman can provide. Jeannie hadn't had a choice in her first marriage—it was either that or disgrace—but she had no intention of marrying again. For a moment Jeannie wavered. Then she realized how ridiculous this was.

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  8. She'd worked hard to atone for her past mistakes, and she'd be damned if she would be made to pay for them forever. She stood there watch him bleed and wanted him dead. Duncan came back to clear his name, also knowing Francis died did something in his heart for him to return. He knows Jeannie can help him by telling him the truth or letting him investigate inside her keep. But, this was some welcome from the beautiful nude woman in front of him!

    Before it, he was thinking of their past, how it was to have sex with her and so on.

    The MacLeods and Campbells

    Anyway, sometimes later, Jeannie realizes he might die. Note that she dressed and already called her men to arrest him. Jeannie takes Duncan in her keep to attend the wound. She was pretty hypocritical in her thoughts about Duncan. Later, though, I understood why.

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    Odd rule, if you ask me! Duncan still wants Jeannie with every pore of his being. I loved his introduction and exchanges with Ella a lot. I wish there were more of those. I mean what was her problem? If you read her thoughts about Duncan, God it all felt so odd! Duncan gets a fever from the wound and fell very ill. The healer calls Jeannie at night to have a look. There he actually found some messages with indistinct wording and that map he lost.

    It kinda proves her husband was involved. Jeannie, meantime, found him out and kept thinking, oh he betrayed me again! How dare he search my castle! Bla bla bla Me? Duncan shows her the map, yet she kept denying any involvement of her husband. But they do kiss, you know and she lets him touch her too. This went on for a long time.

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    He knew the daughter is too young to be his. Then one day, Duncan and his men went to hunt when Ella goes missing. Duncan found her and brought her back later. But in the keep, everything is in awry, Jeannie is having fits. Then she remembers this place where Francis would take Ella and decides to have a look herself.

    When she does, the MacKintoshs again attack her. He goes berserk. Hmm Duncan, what was that? Even after the way she treated you?

    Complete Set Series Lot of 3 Campbell Trilogy books by Monica McCarty Historical

    Anyway, he saves her and takes her back. One night, they make their stop at an inn. How dare she flirts and shows her boobies around! Someone save me from this misery! Then how could she fly out the keep and down the stairs in her advanced pregnant state? No idea! Anyway, Jamie promises to listen to him and he does. She was watching her son fight, when Duncan comes out and her son is enthralled by his words and shows of gun and swordfight. When Dougall is gone, she goes to the armory to stack his bows but Duncan follows her. More talks and words exchanges, heated kisses and they almost end up doing it. When Duncan asks Jeannie to tell him she wants him too, she hesitates. Duncan is hurt and leaves. Outside he finds Elizabeth is here too with Patrick. I mean why did he do that? What son likes to hear such thing?

    Then when they all were arguing in Glenlivet, whenever Colin tried to put forth a comment, no one seemed to care about his opinions. I felt no one gave Colin a chance to prove himself, which in return created this rash, hotheaded man. Anyway, somewhere in between, Duncan and Jeannie finally decides to put it all behind, trust each-other and become lovers again.

    Jeannie encourages Duncan to look for his mother. He agrees after some persuasion from her he can never deny her anything and after such great sex too! Back in the inn, Jeannie and he make love and the words of marriage and love come out. He wanted her to run away with him before, which she denied for her kids but now, she would go anywhere with him.

    This time Duncan refuses and Jeannie blurts out about Dougall.

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    Duncan gets very angry and goes out to cool his heels. Colin in the meantime, was trying to capture him and deliver to Argyll.

    After that, there was quite a nice, big surprise for Duncan thanks to Jeannie— ugh but true and not so very big one for Colin as he tries to kill him and then Niall Lamont shows up I wished I saw some more interaction between Dougall and Duncan. I agree, Dougall has a right to know his father. In the epilogue, they are married finally but yet to tell him, so I felt I missed this union between the father and the son.

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