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Twitter : Twitter updates its rules against hateful conduct, will now remove tweets that dehumanize people on the basis of their religion. This is just the first step. Over time we'll expand the policy to include more groups and update you along the way. We urge them to be transparent about the efficacy of these changes.

Our full statement below. They are making this country sick. It's making this country sick. They have posted a thoughtful explainer below.

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While very overdue, this is a welcome move. But people will be watching closely to see if they actually enforce it. Makes sense to censor content that violates platform rules, but can also open a Pandora's box of questions. The social media giant said Tuesday it's created a team, known as New Product Experimentation …. Thanks: akwired. Facebook shut down its Creative Labs 4yrs ago that made Paper. Now it's launching The apps, which might change rapidly or be shut down, could range from games to business tools.

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Jordan H. Thanks: joshconstine. Andrew J. Pay more for a quiet ride. Pay more to drive faster. Pay more to drive slower. Pay more to not be insulted for not paying more. But also the key to revenue growth appears to be higher priced services? It's like Uber but for Uber.

Today we've rolled out updates to make it easier for you to identify and resolve manual Content ID claims. We'll continue to share updates as our teams work to make things better for you. Today is an important first step: we're giving creators more info about manual claims and more tools to resolve them.

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I always chop out the parts of video that get blocked, not demonetized. Blockers like Ozzy and the Eagles are going to be unknow to future generations because of their grouchy grandpa approach to the internet. Copyright owners who repeatedly fail to provide accurate data for timestamps will have their access to manual claiming revoked.

Not hugely shocking and we haven't really seen attackers go after human life but given how vulnerable you are in surgery it is still a serious warning! Thanks: anildash. I'd love your help in telling the world about what we're up to, and amplifying what our amazing community has accomplished! It becomes about operationalizing strategy.

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About creating actual inclusion. About how you intentionally build a diverse team and an org that is just. They say tech is toxic. But today, we're integrating Glitch with code — so millions around the world can code together in real-time, beginner or experts, in a browser or in an editor. They say the era of an open web made by humans instead of giant corporations is over. We looked at the data, talked to luminaries, and listened to customers across the world. Here's what they said.

Who's Hiring In Tech? Google : Bring questions. Build answers. Asana : Work productively ever after. Sprout Social : We're growing. You will too. Stripe : Help us build universal payments. Grammarly : Build a better word world.

Airtable : What will you make? Snap : Toys are preludes to serious ideas. TuSimple : Largest self-driving truck company. Airbnb : Scaling human connection. Square : Economic Empowerment. HackerOne : Building a safer internet. VGS : Protecting the world's data. Salesforce : Code the trusted cloud platform. Cisco : Be you, with us! Sponsor this podcast.

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Imagining a better web, using the history of radio globally as a guide, and rethinking assumptions about the commercial internet's venture capital-backed rise. Upcoming Tech Events Dec 2. Dec Mar In it he stated that Lewis, who in had been stationed in Charlottesville, Virginia, on recruiting service for the army, somehow learned of the transcontinental proposal and "warmly solicited me to obtain for him the execution of that object.

There are problems with this recollection. Lewis had not yet joined the army in and would not be stationed in Charlottesville until Donald Jackson, who has studied the Lewis and Clark expedition as deeply as anyone, is inclined to believe the aging Jefferson made a mistake and the episode may, in fact, never have occurred.

Certainly there is no mention of it in any other surviving document. Be that as it may, another candidate soon appeared. Michaux had been in the United States since , searching for useful plants he could introduce into France. He established one nursery near Charleston, South Carolina, and another at Hackensack, New Jersey, and stocked them with specimens he found in the mountains of the Carolinas and the hazardous swamps of Florida.

In he traveled with Montreal fur traders into the harsh lands near the southern tip of Hudson Bay. In Montreal, quite possibly, he learned that Alexander Mackenzie of the North West Company had just passed through the city on an exciting errand—crossing Canada to the Pacific by canoe in order to show that far western trading posts could be supplied from harbors on the distant coast. The thought was bound to stir a man of Michaux's temperament. And though there is no evidence to prove this, he may well have heard of the thousand-guinea prize from his fellow botanist, Moses Marshall.

In any event he applied to Jefferson for the position. Jefferson and the Pacific: we need to digress in order to place his interest in perspective.

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Heritage, predilections, and circumstances all inclined him that way, though he himself never traveled physically more than fifty miles west of Monticello. His father had been a pioneer land speculator and mapmaker. The son had touched on the West in one of the few books he wrote, Notes on Virginia. While in France from to as American minister to the court of Louis XVI, he began assiduously collecting books on the West until he owned more volumes on the topic than any other collector in the world. That the West would be peopled by Americans, though Spain then owned almost all of it, Jefferson had no doubt.

Even during the Revolution, citizens of the eastern regions and immigrants from Europe had persisted in crossing the Alleghenies in defiance of violent Indian opposition.