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How can you NOT keep the phone bill paid? Oh what I could do with K!!!! My lifestyle costs have gone up, but a lot of that comes from leaving the midwest and returning to the NY metro region, which is a fairly costly place to live. The rest of that comes from being engaged not that it necessarily increases lifestyle costs per person, but the cumulative effect increases things. Now, I do… My friends make less than I do. DH and I are attorneys and make a combined k.

It is very, very nice not to have to worry about all the little things that eat into your savings. This is very similar to my wife and I. I was more excited about the prestige of the certification than the bump in pay. The only thing that really changed is that the more money I made the more I wasted. Though, an increasing salary does let you fix mistakes. I work in Search Engine Marketing and my income comes from a combination of salary, freelance projects and various other side projects.

Every Pot Has a Cover: A Proven System for Finding, Keeping and Enhancing the Ideal Relationship

Most of my friends have no idea how much I make, and I like it that way. Why put your website? How did you get into this field? What sort of background would be useful and what sort of companies would pay this kind of salary? Have my masters and undergraduate degrees in computer and electrical engineering.

I just got my big raise and it honestly has not hit me yet. I am excited about the money I am earning but other than buying a new TV nothing has changed yet. I have been focused on paying off my student loans and have only 5k left. My friends make significantly less than myself. Other than picking up the occasional bar tab it has no effect on what we do. Michael H… Where do you live?

And how many hours do you work?

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Maybe I just keep good company, but most of my friends actually make more than I do, some just a little and some by 2 or 3x. I was worried that my days of earning a 6 figure salary would be short lived due to an increase in outsourcing of engineering jobs to places like India and Russia for a fraction of the cost of a domestic engineering firm.

Now I realize that great engineers will always demand a premium, afterall, someone has to oversee the work of the outsourced engineers for the domestic companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin. My 6 figure salary came all at once, more than doubling what I had made the year before. The only thing that changed once I started making over k 3 years ago was that I paid off every cent of my debt and have built up lots of savings and investements, and fast.

BUT WAIT! Before you start building six figures …

When I more than doubled my salary I decided I would continue to live on what I was making before and save and invest the rest so I could retire asap. We still live in our sq foot house we remodeled ourselves, we still drive our cars we bought used and I still buy clothes from places like Old Navy, Target and Marshalls. I would appreciate any advice you could offer — I make quite a bit less than you!

Jessica, you are a woman after my own heart. I am a few years older than you, and just as responsible. I have a in my own name, which will be transferred to my child once it is actuallly conceived! Good for you, especially as a woman in a field that is so dominated by men! This is great! How can people think the economy is bad with this type of income? People are silly. Financial Samurai: helloo, this is certainly not the majority of people that are engineers.

When I first started working after college, I was making about the same as all of my friends. Maybe a little bit more. I also was the by far most frugal of the bunch.

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The added expense of needing someone to take care of this stuff for me is not exorbitant, but it does require me to think about making even more money to offset the costs if I want to continue to save more. It seems that income discrepancies have less to do with lifestyle than having kids and other responsibilities.

I am 29 years old, I work for an Intelligence Company overseas, and make about k I am a contractor and only doing the gig for one year. It feels great seeing those paychecks coming in, knowing that I can build a huge nest egg in a short period of time. The biggest change was how much I could save and the fact that I had to move to the Middle East for a year.

I had very little debt a few grand on my credit card , so all of my money has gone into savings or investments of some sort. I also allowed myself some spending money for a two week vacation to Portugal my first real vacation. As far as friends. I generally hang out with people who are like minded when it comes to finances. Family is a different story. Hello, How did you handle it with your family? I have lots of friends in Africa who are making 3x less than me still working a lot more than me.

Some asked to borrow money, some to invest in their businesses and others to pay their rents. I am 29, and own and operate a small physical therapy private practice. Patients are seen for wellness concerns as well as acute and chronic injuries.

They are treated primarily with an array of manual hands on techniques and instructed in exercises plus lifestyle modification. Doors opened 11 months ago, and we just cleared , The practice is in a northern Virginia suburb outside of DC. I feel really blessed to have had a successful year. Plus I have made excellent connections with other holistic practitioners.

Every Pot Has a Cover: A Proven System for Finding, Keeping and Enhancing the Ideal Relationship

This I feel is the greatest achievement, in that advancement of conscious living, and healthy lifestyles are a valuable part of our future. I would love to share this knowledge with other physical therapists.

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I think many dont feel comfortable taking on a business persona. But to speak and learn from someone who has done it, ideally in a mentor capacity can be valuable to the clinician and the public. By increasing the types of practices like this, I feel that people will have improved access to services and thus get better quicker! I am thinking of starting my own practice and incorporating more holistic practices. I would love to touch base and have a mentor who has been through the process.

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The idea of not being to comfortably afford something only comes up with cars and houses. For example, I travel more often, but still stay at youth hostels. When my boss asked me to completely drop my life in order to get this project done I insisted on a better cut of the revenue for the sacrifice. It turns out that was worth many tens of thousands of dollars.

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Ramit, I know you left location out of the equation, and that your focus tends towards the YUPs, but cost of living is a huge part of the equation. But, they lack the ability to sell themselves so their income suffers.

To have a courage to quit your lucrative job is quite a hard thing to do! Now, my natural cheapness feels bad. We drive inexpensive cars and spend our money on our rental house. Essentially, the big change is in my perception, not theirs.