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We need an integrated understanding of human needs and their relationships to information systems and social structures. We need unifying principles that illuminate the role of information in both computation and cognition, in both communication and community. We need information professionals who can apply these principles to synthesize human-centered and technological perspectives.

The University of Michigan School of Information is pioneering the development and application of these principles and is educating professionals to lead in the information age. With students of diverse cultures and backgrounds, Lakeside School is noted as the middle school that Bill Gates went to. The mission of Lakeside School is to develop in intellectually capable young people the creative minds, healthy bodies, and ethical spirits needed to contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to a global society. We provide a rigorous, academic program through which effective educators lead students to take responsibility for learning.

We are committed to sustaining a school in which individuals representing diverse cultures and experiences instruct one another in the meaning and value of community and in the joy and importance of lifelong learning. One of the few schools accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as well as the State of Tennessee, Benton Hall School is a private school that not only offers standard education, but is also a special education school as well. They educate students from grades 1 through Located in Verona, VA, the Hunter McGuire School is an educational institution that nurtures children while providing academic learning.

Hunter McGuire School, in partnership with its parents, seeks to instill in its students high standards for academic scholarship, integrity, leadership, and responsible citizenship. At Discovery Private School our mission is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem. Their school caters to children who live near the Fort Lauderdale area, from kindergarten to the fifth grade. We will offer a diversity of curriculum and cultural experiences which meet the individual needs of our students through a school-wide and community effort.

Their programs include the Vancouver Home Connection for home schoolers, the Summer Literacy Academy, the Challenge Program for gifted students, and many more. The mission of Vancouver Public Schools is to assure that, within a nurturing and stimulating environment, each of our diverse students and graduates achieves literacy and appropriate core competencies, and becomes a responsible and compassionate citizen.

The school began in as a project of St. In , an interparochial board was formed, and St. James was established as an Episcopal day school. Music, art and physical education are integral to the program. Class size is limited to ensure maximum opportunity for the individualization of instruction. The mission of St. James Episcopal School is to develop each child to his or her fullest potential, spiritually, intellectually and physically, that each may grow in grace, enjoy freedom through knowledge, and lead a healthy productive and meaningful life. The Theophany School is an educational facility in Needham, MA that not only educates students academically, but also the teachings and traditions of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church.

Some of their subjects include language arts, mathematics, science, music, art, media, cultural awareness, virtue education, and physical education. Theophany School develops the intellectual, spiritual, and moral gifts and talents of the Theophany Family through the teachings and life of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church. The School provides its students with an education that will prepare them for life, through sound instruction in basic studies and grounding in the Orthodox faith and Tradition.

At the preschool level, this is achieved by providing students with a highly literate environment, filled with letters, books, phonics, colors, and activities that model literacy through language, reading and writing. More broadly, the curriculum of Theophany includes working with integrated thematic units that touch on meaningful and relevant issues in young students lives.

The Catholic Church in Korea

Subjects include: language arts, reading, spelling, preparation for mathematics, science, music, art, media, cultural awareness, virtue education, and physical education. Each thematic unit is supplemented with appropriate teachings of the Orthodox Church. Located in Florham Park, New Jersey, the Ridgedale Middle School educates students in terms of mathematics, communication arts, science, social studies, and foreign languages.

The mission of Ridgedale Middle School, in partnership with the community, is to provide students with the skills and exploratory experiences that enable them to reach their fullest potential as independent thinkers. By providing a diversified curriculum and a school environment that foster civic mindedness, self-esteem and respect for individual differences, we seek to address the unique needs of the early adolescent in a changing society.

Law, Order, and Solidarity (Part III) - The Civil Sphere in Latin America

Buckley, Michigan A K district situated in both Grand Traverse and Wexford, the Buckley Community School is an academia that provides quality education to students who live near the area. Being a Class-D school, they also provide classes in Art, Drama and Music aside from their core curriculum. The mission of the Buckley Community School, where kids come first, is to partner with families to develop enthusiastic learners.

A private, catholic school in Texas, the Holy Trinity Catholic High School also serves as a preparatory school for college. Students can develop their own 4-year plan, choosing and attending specific classes that would enable them to have a solid foundation for their entry into college.

Religion and Politics in Alsace

Holy Trinity Catholic High School is a private, co-educational college-preparatory school dedicated to the fullfilment of the educational ministry of the Catholic Church. The Daniel Webster Middle School is a public middle school located in Waukegan, Illinois, which is recognized for their exemplary tech class.

In order to meet the needs of our diverse student population, our school strives to attain high academic achievement and personal growth. This will be accomplished through continued cooperation between school, community, parents, and students. We will foster a school climate that is safe and supportive of individual students, enabling them to succeed in our ever-changing world. They cater to children from 4 to 11 years of age, offering classes from Reception up to grade six.

They not only serve to educate students, but also to impart Catholic teachings as well.

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We develop our spirituality through prayer, reflection and celebration whilst living out our faith. As a community of learners, we strive for excellence, unlocking the full potential of each individual, developing confident and independent learners. Located in Pacific Palisades, California, the Village School is an educational facility that has a strong academic program, with students being taught in small classes that would foster their learning.

At Village School, our mission is to challenge each child to reach his or her full intellectual, creative and physical potential through a fully integrated curriculum. We encourage students to become life-long learners by developing intellectual curiosity and a thirst for discovery and achievement. We strive to create a diverse community that fosters mutual respect and social responsibility, enhanced by a strong partnership between home and school.

It is an independent coeducational college preparatory school, whose academics include a highly recognized international studies program, with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and activities in arts, athletics, etc.

Catholicism in the Second Spanish Republic - Wikipedia

Charlotte Country Day School strives to be the benchmark of academic excellence in college preparatory education through superior teaching of a rigorous curriculum. The Our Lady of Fatima High School located in Warren, Rhode Island, is a school that fosters both academic excellence and religious values to young women. As Catholic Christian educators, we challenge and strive to empower all students to become increasingly aware of their basic self worth, making every effort to help them achieve their potential in spiritual formation, learning, leadership, service to God and to the community.

The Catherine Nichols Gunn Elementary School is a school based in Canada, particularly in Calgary, Alberta, catering to students who live near that area. At Catherine Nichols Gunn Elementary School our mission is to challenge and support students to be the best they can be. The Guelph Montessori School is an educational facility for young children, particularly non-traditional students. At the Guelph Montessori School our Mission is to provide within a nurturing environment a well-balanced instructional Montessori program that will enable all students to reach their highest level of academic success.

The staff is committed to creating a student-centered educational environment that stresses high expectations and addresses the physical, social and emotional needs of children with a variety of ability levels and learning styles. Our goal is to maintain an active partnership involving students, teachers, parents, community and staff to develop a love of learning while embracing our diversity and unique talents in a safe, challenging, respectful and supportive environment.

In addition, they also provide online and offline courses.

School Mission Statements

To create ideas that deepen and advance the understanding of management, and with these ideas develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world. Mark Junior High is a school that serves junior high students. They have a partnership with Odyssium, a space and science museum, in addition to having a Robotics program, a Concert band, and a Science Fair.

They also have extracurricular activities such as intramurals, retreats, sports, etc.

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At St. Mark School our mission is to embrace Catholic faith, respect diversity, foster community, and to provide a quality education for all. The Washington Elementary School is a school for non-traditional students from kindergarten to the 5th grade.

enter site In addition to their academic programs, they also offer accelerated programs, Special Education, and Indian Education Services. The Mercer University School of Medicine is located in Georgia, and offers courses to educate students in the field of medicine. To educate physicians and health professionals to meet the primary care and health care needs of rural and medically underserved areas of Georgia.

A department at the Ohio State University, the School of Biomedical Science offers students an education in biomedical programs, as well as those related to disease and therapy. In addition to degree offerings, the School of Biomedical Science also supports research in biomedical science education. The mission of the School of Biomedical Science is to foster excellence in research and professional-graduate education.

Its primary objective is to develop and maintain multi-disciplinary programs focusing on disease and therapy. Translation of basic sciences and technologies into clinical applications represents a hallmark of excellence for biomedical sciences at The Ohio State University. The School of Social Work prepares social work practitioners committed to social justice and to serving and empowering individuals, families, and communities. It contributes to the development and dissemination of social work knowledge and skills, and affirms professional values and ethics.

The School emphasizes understanding and respect for the unique social, political, and cultural diversity of the Southwest.

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The Qualicum Beach Middle School is a school that serves students from grades 6 through 8, from 10 to 14 years of age. Based on the east coast of Vancouver Island, they cater to a diverse mix of adolescent students with various cultures. At Qualicum Beach Middle School our mission is to provide a safe environment which promotes respect and motivates students to learn and to act responsibly. We believe education is the shared responsibility of the student, home, school and community.

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Fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, it is recognized worldwide as having contributed to public health practices and medical care for people. The Liberty University School of Law over at Lynchburg, Virginia specializes in the study of law in the context of history and legal philosophy as well as Christian intellectual tradition, recognizing the connection between faith and reason. Liberty University School of Law exists to equip future leaders in law with a superior legal education in fidelity to the Christian faith expressed through the Holy Scriptures.