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Look for opportunities to promote good public relations. Open the lines of communication within your community and with nearby districts and statewide programs. Be an advocate for all environmental issues, big or small. Support and encourage: Being a facilitator and advocate can be stressful. Try to understand the problems your peers and other advocates or professionals face.

If you have criticism, be constructive and honest, but diplomatic. If something is going well, say so.


Above all, be positive and let community members know they are valued members of the Nevada citizenry. Remember: Success follows success. This is a list of suggested readings from our panelists. It is not intended to be comprehensive. By pointing out the similarities of each extinction, this work paints a vivid picture of how climate change is not new and is life threatening. Climate scenarios for the Truckee-Carson river system Special publication, This fact sheet provides background information on how, Water for the Seasons climate scenarios are constructed.

Information on the hydrologic modeling process, study results and analyses of individual climate scenarios will be explored in subsequent publications and technical reports. Burdens and benefits of climate change solutions: A case study of climate change skeptics and deniers in rural Nevada Unpublished doctoral dissertation. This dissertation is an ethnographic case study of climate change doubters and dismissers with the purpose of understanding their perceptions of water use and renewable energy in the context of a changing climate.

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Twenty-five Churchill county residents were interviewed about their attitudes towards climate change. An investigation into the information sources and messages they use to understand climate change and climate change solutions was also conducted. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Department of Hydrology, University of Nevada, Reno. Indigenous communities are among some of the most vulnerable to climate change impacts, particularly with regards to their water resources.

Planning effectively to remain resilient within existing socio-cultural, political, and economic constraints requires an assessment of the climate data and information needs most pressing in Indigenous communities. This study seeks to support such integration using a participatory research design that assesses data and information needs critical to enhancing climate adaptation on reservation lands in the Southwestern and Great Basin regions.

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It includes a discussion on ethical collaboration when conducting such research, with special attention to protecting the data sovereignty of Indigenous communities when sharing research information with the general public. The energy within us: An illuminating perspective from five trailblazers. Five African American female executives share their experiences transcending to corporate leadership positions passing through the glass and black ceiling in the historically white male energy industry.

Bringing together scientific research from experts around the world, this work depicts the very real issue of global warming and the detrimental consequences to our planet, should we continue to ignore its reality. Using regional climate projections to guide grassland community restoration in the face of climate change. Frontiers in Plant Science ; Published May 9.

Because grassland loss has been extensive worldwide, ecologists have developed approaches to restore grassland communities and many have been successful. However, climate change adds a new filter needed in planning grassland restoration efforts. Results demonstrate that many common species. Thus, grassland restoration alternatives should be evaluated based upon the long-term viability in the context of climate change projections and risk of plant species loss. The sixth extinction. An unnatural history.

Planet earth has endured five mass extinctions over the last half-billion years and scientists are currently predicting a sixth extinction; triggered by alterations inflicted on the planet from human beings. AI superpowers. China, Silicon Valley and the new world order. China is catching up to the United States and becoming a technology powerhouse. As Artificial Intelligence continues to expand and develop, jobs will be affected. This book discusses what jobs will become obsolete and how both China and the United States must face the responsibility of having such technological power.

The coming age of hyperintelligence. London, England: Penguin Books Ltd. This book suggests that the current geological age, known as the Anthropocene and acknowledged as a period in which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment; is coming to an end. Thus, a new age, the Novacene, is dawning; and will produce artificial intelligence that will think 10, times faster than we do.

The madhouse effect. How climate change denial is threatening our plant, destroying our politics, and driving us crazy. New York: Columbia University Press. Award-winning climate scientist Mann and Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Toles enliven the gloom and doom of climate change discussion while helping readers address fallacies of naysayers and restore sanity to the debate.

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On the future. Prospects for humanity. Based on the premise that the future of humanity is hinged on science, this work posits we turn our focus to the development of biotechnology, cybertechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence to help us overcome any number of threats, from climate change to nuclear war. Snow-fed river systems are sensitive to climate change. As climate change alters seasonal snowpack dynamics with warmer temperatures, water management based on historical and stationary climate patterns is further challenged under a warmer climate.

This work illustrates how collaborative modeling involving local stakeholders and researchers generates information needed for local climate adaptation. Travis, C. The new human condition and climate change: Humanities and social science perceptions of threat. Global and Planetary Change. Higher education in the age of artificial intelligence. Addressing the issue of how higher education can prepare students for the workforces when professions are disappearing, this book proposes a way to educate learners to invent and create to meet the needs of society in a way that artificial intelligence cannot.

As new literacies such as data literacy emerge, students will need to understand how machines work and comprehend the flow of data. The article discusses the role of girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM fields in relation to career and technical education CTE. The roles of social influences on student competence, relatedness, achievement, and retention in STEM. Science Education, 4 , — Environmental, disaster and crisis management strategies; interdisciplinarity and synergy in postgraduate studies.

Geophysical Research Abstracts. Accessed October 18, Environmental issues, disasters and crises show an increasing complexity and interconnections in every level and aspect, thus requiring a holistic approach from simple problem solving to emergency management. One of the issues concerning the traditional emergency management is competition or even antagonism between organizations, services and disciplines, from science to operations. Outlining a postgraduate program designed in Greece, this work offers a curriculum of lessons and disciplines integrating science, humanities, legislation, institutions and operations as they relate to emergency management.

Teaching the importance of ocean sustainability using active learning techniques. Abstracts with Programs, Geological Society of America. The Interdisciplinary Teaching about Earth for a Sustainable Future Program InTeGrate addresses this goal by bringing together multidisciplinary, multi-institutional teams to develop Earth Science teaching materials for undergraduate classrooms.

Personalization of instruction: Design dimensions and implications for cognition.

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Journal of Experimental Education, 86 1 , 50— Desert Research Institute. Synthesis of post-fire monitoring activities in the Great Basin Desert, Mojave Desert, and transition zones Publication, no. Nevada: Desert Research Institute. American southwest deserts traditionally had fire return intervals of centuries to millennia. Now they are now having fire return intervals of decades.

A series of studies were initiated to better understand the possible effects of wildfire on erosion and sediment transport by wind and water should vegetation at contaminated sites burn. Each site was representative of one of the three ecoregions found on the Nevada National Security Site.

St. Petersburg (1842-1863)

Results suggest that contaminated soils that experienced wildfire had the potential for soil erosion and transport of contaminated soils. Fire adapted communities: The next step in wildfire preparedness Sp, Reno, Nev. This publication outlines steps that can be taken to protect homes and communities from wildfires including creating defensible space, using fire-resistant building materials, creating access points for emergency vehicles, developing a range of fire and fuel breaks.

Bonneville Power Administration. Portland, Oregon: U. Department of Energy - Bonneville Power Administration. Reports on the results of controlling cheatgrass through crop dusting methods. Controlling cheatgrass and other invasive plants reduces wildfire risk and the intensity of fires when they do occur. Persistence and turnover in desert plant communities during a yr period of land use and climate change.

Ecological Monographs Understanding long term changes in ecological communities during global change is a priority for 21st century ecology. Rangeland systems: processes, management and challenges.