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Our lessons are very popular and usually have waiting lists as the children are so keen to join in on the fun with their friends! Whether you are wanting a class to get the children moving more, classes to encourage teamwork and collaboration, or a more meditative session to teach the children self-calming and relaxation techniques, we will create special sessions that the children will LOVE!

As well as regular weekly sessions we can also provide one-off tailored sessions if you wish.

The children learn all about Nimh and the brave children who saved the village. They learn postures, and a special yoga dance, and finish with a relaxation. Suitable for children aged 7 and under. Meditation and Mindfulness: Mental health in both adults and children is big news these days. We have now become aware of the need for strategies to cope with the stresses of life.

  • Classes are held at:.
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  • They will learn a simple breathing technique to self-calm, participate in two mindfulness exercises and end with an introduction to meditation. Children leave this class relaxed and happy! Suitable for ages years. Healthy living weeks: Looking for something different in your healthy living education this year?

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    Introduce the children to yoga! The sessions can be as active or as relaxing as you wish, the choice is yours. Single session or whole school full day options available. Add an artistic element!

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    We will collect leaves, sticks, flower petals and other natural elements from around the school field to create our own nature mandala picture to keep! We offer a fun filled minute session guaranteed to leave your students happy, relaxed and buzzing. We start off with a few centering exercises and then move onto partner and group work. The students enjoy this session so much we are often booked for a repeat the week before exams for a repeat performance!

    Kids love Yoga at School

    Content is more effective for this group of children when delivered in smaller groups. Yoga is for you, about you and in you — the person experiencing a union of body, breath and mind. They get to challenge themselves by seeing how long they can lie still for in savasana, or balance like a strong and powerful tree.

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    The range of yoga exercises — from dynamic standing poses to those that require balance and focus — help children to channel their natural energy into creating healthy and flexible minds and bodies. Simple breathing exercises can either calm children down or increase their energy levels when they are feeling tired. For example, the breathing exercises act as a natural relaxant for children with Attention Deficit Disorder, and the asanas are particularly useful in strengthening the muscles of children with low muscle tone or poor co-ordination.

    The non-competitive aspects of yoga encourage children of all strengths and abilities to participate. In fact it welcomes those who may not be naturally sporty because it focuses on the inner self, and does not place emphasis on competition. It is extremely empowering for children, giving them added strength and flexibility as well as boosting their self esteem.

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    It can help to ease anxiety and tension, calm an overactive mind and body, or boost energy if a child is listless and tired. Yoga encourages children to discover their inner potential in a non-threatening environment and to feel good about themselves, both inside and out. They learn the names of the muscle groups; they learn about their lungs and their breath; they get to know all the names of their body parts. Alongside the many physical benefits of yoga, both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are continuously stimulated as children practice the yoga poses, breathing exercises and balancing postures, making their yoga experience a holistic one that nurtures their mind, body and spirit.

    It is time to consciously bring integrative movement back into every aspect of our lives and realize that something as simple and natural can be a source of miracles. Kids Yoga — What is it? It affects mood, vitality, alertness and feelings of well-being. Search for:. New Enrolments.

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